“Elaine is a very gifted music teacher. She is organized and detailed in her teaching approach. She creates rehearsal/practice schedules that get you to your concert or your RCM exam prepared and feeling confident. She has helped me develop my singing voice in new directions, improving my range, tone, and flexibility in ways I could not have imagined at the start. She also provides her students access to a wonderful range of musical selections, resources for learning theory and harmony, and even occasional consults with other professional musicians or instructors. Working with Elaine has been a joy. The skills, knowledge and passion she brings to her teaching are invaluable.”

 – Kathryn Boyd, Adult Singer


“I enjoyed 6 years of lessons with Elaine; she is an exacting teacher but she is resourceful and persevering in finding ways to help her students learn. She respects that students’ goals and motivations vary. I highly recommend her.”

 – Fay Martin, Adult Piano


Janice“Elaine is respectful and very patient with her students and she is also well organized. She makes sure that students learn the basics and technical parts of piano and vocal. I am glad to have had her as my teacher for six years.”

 – Janice, former teenage student 


“It is an absolute joy to learn how to sing with confidence and freedom. It is Elaine Bell who has helped me to experience this extraordinary reward. Over the years, Elaine has coached me with a respected and established ear for music and a tremendous amount of patience. I’ve come a long way from my first lesson and am forever grateful to her for my own musical successes.”

 – Sherry denBoer, Adult Singing


“Our son started piano lessons with Elaine when he was five years old, and voice lessons when he was six. She worked with him at his pace, and provided lots of positive feedback. Here we are seven years later and he continues to get excited when he goes to his lessons. We are amazed at what he has learned, and how music with Elaine has boosted his self-esteem and confidence, and how he applies that good stuff to other areas of his life.”

 – Sandy Adams, Kurtis’s mother


“‘I’m usually quite shy when singing, but Elaine made me feel comfortable with it from the beginning. She has introduced me to music I didn’t think possible for me to do, including classical pieces. And she has taught me a variety of techniques, including proper breathing, which have helped me become a better singer. Each lesson, I usually learn something new; and at the same time our sessions are really fun—we laugh a lot and have a great time.”

 – Alana, former teenage student